Food waste, meat-heavy diets, globalized supply chains, population growth, soil degradation and inefficient agricultural water consumption are a few of the many challenges that are deeply ingrained in our global food system. These challenges are set to amplify in the coming decades, as climate change reduces the world's arable land and disrupts global food supply chains.


Wow, that's kind of dark. So how do we enable food security for all in the age of climate change?


Scandinavian Greenrooms wants to be a part of the solution. We have identified vertical farming as a unique opportunity to change the way we eat and the impact we have on the environment. Plant production in vertical farms is energy, land and water efficient. As a result, we can build our farms in or close to cities, which means we can grow plants for the purpose of consumption rather than transportation. Our technologically advanced farms are operated to provide the optimal light, nutrients and ambient environment that a plant needs at all stages of its development. Our products are therefore purely grown, fully natural and without pesticides - which in turn ensures unparalleled quality, taste and nutritional value, year round. In short, we want to make the best greens out there - allowing more people to truly enjoy their veggies whilst minimizing the environmental impact of their consumption.


You in?



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